1040 Individual Returns

This is where we really shine. In reality, we are probably one of the biggest tax preparers in the Mechanicsville area. We got here for a number of reasons but first let me state the rights we believe our clients have:

  • The right to quality service
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to be informed and heard
  • The right to respect
  • The right to assistance
  • The right to a quality product
  • The right to be aware of defensible alternatives
  • The right to representation and defense of our work
  • The right to pay no more than the correct amount of taxes
  • The right to challenge(with representation) any taxing agency

Baughan’s prepares 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 returns. We do resident, non-resident and partial year returns. As part of this process our software calculates estimated tax payments, if needed, for the coming year. We take time to explain your tax position and ways you can improve the picture either this year or in the future. The more time we can spend in the last area makes you smarter and our job easier.

Simultaneously your state taxes are prepared and we make the appropriate adjustments, if needed. Our people are experienced with many states ranging from Hawaii to Virginia and points in between. In addition, states can have regional taxes, city taxes, personal property taxes and other ad velorum taxes.

To maintain quality, our work is reviewed by a minimum of three people (your preparer, a reviewer and the Efile prep individual) before your return is signed, completed and sent to the IRS and the states. Each reviewer signs off on your return for training and responsibility. Do we miss? Sure(but very seldom). If we do miss, we stand behind our product and work with clients to resolve the problem.