Meet the Staff

Robert E Moorehouse

Educational Background

It all stated with night classes when I was in the  Air Force. Moved on to an Associates Degree from Brevard Junior College and ending my formal education with a BS degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University in December 1969.

I passed the New York CPA exam in 1974 and then moved that certificate to Virginia in 1976.


I began my career working with one of the “Big Eight” accounting and auditing firms, Coopers and Lybrand, in January 1970 as an Auditor and Computer Consultant specializing in large SEC corporations, financial companies and utilities. In 1976 I moved to Philip Morris USA (PM) as an Executive Trainee and Cost Manager. When I left PM, I was the Lead Accountant on the construction of a new billion dollar cigarette manufacturing facility. My next job was Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer for American Filtrona Corporation with 9 manufacturing plants throughout the US and Canada. In the year 2000 I purchased Baughan’s Tax Services and we were off to the races. I attribute my successes throughout my career to working with great people that mentored and guided me. Thanks to everyone.

Teresa Wallace (General Manager)– Teresa has been with Baughan’s for over 25 years. She loves working with clients and solving tax problems. She is a caring person that has raised one husband, two children and is currently chasing a small grandchild. Teresa is relied upon to manage our people and get the work completed.

Susan Ellett (Tax Manager)– Susan has been with Baughan’s over 10 years. She is a driven problem solver and loves taxes. Susan currently has six grandchildren and a sweet supportive family. When she first started at Baughan’s she read the tax books every lunch hour and now she is our “go to” person for tax problems.

Linda Barnes-Depuy (Tax Preparer)– Linda started with us in 2006 as a back room clerk and moved up to a tax preparer. She is our sweet Yankee with a great heart and a caring spirit. Linda will fight like a dog to make sure her clients are treated fairly and correct.

Robin Luther (Tax Preparer)– Robin is a true country girl where hard work is just a factor of life. If there is a task that is considered difficult everyone says, “where is Robin.” But, she has a good heard, a great work ethic and a supportive family.

Carolyn Mondy (Tax Preparer)– Carolyn just retired from Saint Christophers administrative staff. She has 25+ years experience in individual tax returns. Her strengths are assisting complicated clients, issues involving investments, cost basis calculations and estate taxes.

Irene Sedillo (Tax Preparer)– Irene is a dedicated hard working individual. She began with Baughan’s in 2007 as a seasonal worker. Once Irene has you for a client she says what she means and is totally dedicated to you and getting the job professionally done.

Brenda Sprouse (Tax Preparer)-Brenda started with Joyce Baughan as a seasonal worker in 1985. She is a loyal sweet person that overcomes problems and wants to help everyone. She drives herself to support her clients with a very personal touch. Brenda is also our Efile person that does the final review of tax returns before they are sent.

Our Administrative staff is made up of Mary and Polly as receptionists and Sissy and Samantha as clerks. Other people are our seasonal tax preparers. The seasonal people are our back up people tasked with reviewing our work and handling the easier drop off returns.

If you look carefully you will see that each return is reviewed at least 3 times before it is electronically filed. It’s no guarantee of 100% quality but the system does keep us in the 98% level.