1065 Partnership

In its simplest form this starts with a schedule C within your form 1040 personal for sole proprietors. In addition to this, is a rental income schedule E and farmer and fisherman returns. From this point it goes to separate tax returns such as a 1065 partnership return, a 1120S small business return and finally an 1102 “large C” corporation return. We also provide bookkeeping, consulting and payroll services to assist our business owners.

We could go on ad nauseam about the skills needed to complete these returns. It’s simpler to say we have the experienced personnel to handle this and provide quality service. We stress relationships with our clients because we have to know what they are doing so we can provide value added for them.

Our clients are unusually special people with very special talents. We focus on one objective, the more time they can spend providing their talents to their customers and if we can provide backup in administration the more successful they become. In short, we want to lift up our clients not burden them with overhead.